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Ms. Smitha Jayanth

  • Speciality: Psychotherapy And Counselling
  • Clinic Location: Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: +91 77602 18282


Smitha has extensive experience in crisis intervention and specializes in couples counselingand family therapy.Smitha’s preferred clinical-theoretical perspective to address stressful life events and help her clients reach their full potential are- cognitive-behavioural therapy, brief solution-focused and family systems therapies, and she also utilizes insight oriented, reality-based, existential and behavioural techniques as appropriate and indicated.

Smitha sees her role as a therapist to help her clients reach their full potential by empowering them and guiding them through the process of therapy. Her philosophy is that helping clients recognize their inner strength leads to the path of recovery. She also believes therapy continues to work long after therapy has ended. She is very empathic and non-judgmental in her approach and makes her clients feel very comfortable during their difficult, stressful and often uncomfortable situations.

She is an experienced therapist with excellent communication and counselling skills; she has an open minded and sensitive approach while dealing with clients, her ability to look at ‘how and why’ of situations and events make it easier for clients to become self-aware and work on challenging issues. She empowers her clients to become independent and self-motivated. She is perceptive of cultural and religious diversity; she can connect well with clients from any ethnic background.

She specializes in Marital therapy/couples counselling, where she helps her clients in multiple scenarios, such as work-life balance, communication issues, intimacy issues, trust issues, adjustment expectation issues and dealing with conflicts with family members. She encourages her clients to address their current pressing issues and also to come up with effective strategies to enhance the relationship in terms of health and satisfaction based on your goals.