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What is DBT?

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a type of cognitivebehavioral therapy. Its main goals are to teach people how to live in the moment, develop healthy ways to cope with stress, regulate their emotions, and improve their relationships with others.

Benefits of Group Therapy

Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy that helps people better understand themselves and relate to other people. will become more mindful of their actions and learn how to express and interpret their present environment. You will create positive connections and increase your selfregulation, attention and personal experiences.



  • Call us at +91 99721 69053 or book an appointment online.

  • You will soon receive an email from us outlining the sessions and other details.

  • You will need to pay online in advance through payment link.

  • Both you and the therapist can then decide on the need for further sessions. During this session you can also assess your level of comfort with the therapist and how well the counseling is working for you.

  • Per Session: 2,000/Session

  • Click here more details about DBT Group Therapyy