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Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Psychiatric rehabilitation, or Psych Rehab, is the process of restoration of community functioning and well-being of an individual diagnosed in mental health or emotional disorder. The workers seek to affect changes in a person's environment and in a person's ability to deal with his/her environment, so as to facilitate improvement in symptoms or personal distress and life outcomes.

These services often combine pharmacological treatment, independent living and social skills training, psychological support to clients and their families, vocational rehabilitation and employment, social support and network enhancement and access to leisure activities.

The mission of psychiatric rehabilitation is to enable with best practices of illness management, psychosocial functioning, and personal satisfaction. There are seven strategic principles:

1. Enabling a normal life.
2. Advocating structural changes for improved accessibility to pharmacological services and availability of psycho-social services.
3. Person-centered treatment.
4. Actively involving support systems.
5. Coordination of efficient services.
6. Strength-based approach.
7. Rehabilitation isn't time specific but goal specific in succeeding.