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Sport Psychology at ReACH Psychiatry

At ReACH Psychiatry, we can assist you in swiftly identifying the barriers that are preventing you from acquiring skills such as managing emotions, stress management, increasing motivation and focus, goal setting, team building, maintaining positive and effective self-talk and self-confidence.

Sports psychology has traditionally been utilized to assist players in developing mental toughness in stressful situations, developing mindfulness practices for focus and recovery, and connecting to values and specific goals. But there is so much more we can learn by applying psychological principles to better understand our athletes. What motivates them to succeed? What happens emotionally during the training process? What, more crucially, goes through their minds during difficult or hard periods in training and racing? This knowledge is priceless; our team will train clients how to measure mental fitness and incorporate mental skills into their training regimens.

At ReACH, the Individual training programme includes all of the exercises that an athlete requires to improve their mental performance (visualization, breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness, and so on) as well as all of the benefits of effective mental skills training (confidence, concentration, control and commitment). We understand that each athlete is unique. The best mental training strategy is also unique to them. The ability to work directly with each individual will yield the finest results.


The athlete’s perspective on sports psychology regarding the mental training plan will be included as well. Athletes prefer to concentrate on their mental game, but they prefer the performance benefits without the technical language. That means tasks to complete and a procedure they can rely on, not personality theories or elaborate explanations of how neurons operate. They simply want a strategy that allows them to focus on improving their sport in a way that allows them to see results and feel like they are progressing

Hence, the following areas will help the athlete’s master their skills and focus on improving their sport:

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