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Medication Management

With medication management, patients can take the right medication, with the right dose and at the right time. Medication management includes monitoring, reconciling medications, and ensuring patients get the desired outcomes.

Here at ReACH Psychiatry, we do a complete, comprehensive and accurate assessment of your condition. We also look into any external factors that might be present like lifestyle choices, sleep deprivation, and stressful situations at home or work. You will be prescribed drugs according to the conditions that you present with and tailor them to your unique needs. We evaluate your physical and mental health before adding or changing your medications. We explain their possible side effects to create treatment plans and monitor their safety and efficacy.

Our board-certified psychiatrist, Dr.Meena Gnanasekharan specializes in managing severe and persistent mental health conditions, including complicated psychosis, mood disorders, and substance use issues. Psychiatric help can also be provided for children and adolescents experiencing a wide range of mental health concerns. We use evidence-based treatment, follow the most current guidelines, and partner with families and individuals to find the best treatment available.

We guide our clients through the treatment process and strive to provide psychoeducational resources to increase adherence and minimize potential risks and side effects.